Who We Are

Shiba Inu Holders

Just like you, we are no one but everyone, we are Ryoshi. We support the dream of the #SHIBARMY and the #SHIB ecosystem.

The #1CentDream Will Be A Reality

As the world starts to accept SHIBA INU for everyday purchases the SHIB ECOSYSTEM is still growing. This will give us the ability to go to the moon and beyond.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple really. To help showcase why Shiba Inu is the future of Cryptocurrency. The Shibarmy, at the time of posting, has grown to almost 1,000,000 Holders. Every day more people are being lifted out of poverty while more and more businesses around the globe are accepting $SHIB as payment. For all those that believe in the Vision of Ryoshi, all are welcome.

Some Facts


(in 10000s)
Market Cap
(in Billions)
Burned SHIB
(in Trillions)

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