Mint, Hold, Earn

UTILITY: 5 Randomly selected holders Share 15% in rewards of Websites News Site + Social Network and all other Upcoming Shib Dream Properties including Shib Dream Metaverse Projects.

(Reward Sharing Starts Q3 2024)


Limited Supply


5 Randomly selected NFT Holders Quarterly will be selected to share 15% Rewards of ALL Shib Dream Properties
37 GET
1=$25k BONE
1 = $3500 SHIB
1 = $2500 BONE
1 = $1500 LEASH
10 = $500 SHIB
20 = $150 BONE
1 = $250 NFAi
1 = $250 Sharbi
1 = $250 SWYPE

SHIB DREAM NFT COLLECTION Once All NFT's Are Minted 37 Random Holders will be selected.
1= $25,000.00 BONE
1 = $3500 SHIB
1 = $2500 BONE
1 = $1500 LEASH
10 = $500 In SHIB
20 = $150 In BONE
1 = $250 in SWYPE
1 = $250 in Sharbi
1 = $250 in NFAi

What Are The Shib Dream NFTs?

The SHIB DREAM NFTs are a collection of NFTs from the Shib Dream. The most notable sites run by Shib Dream Project are the News Website and the ShibArmy.VIP Social Network which will be directly connected to giving benefits to Shib Dream NFT holders.

Earn Passive Rewards

Every quarter starting Q3 2024 5 random holders selected to share 15% rewards.

Randomly Selected Giveaways

Some Fun Giveaways for holders just because. Plus Future Airdrops From Projects We Collab With.

Amazing Drawn Artwork

Everyone Now Seems to Use AI to just generate the same NFTs. All of our artwork is hand drawn.


The Official Roadmap For The The Shib Dream NFT Collection.

Level 01

- ShibDream NFT Promotion

Promotions will start in November 2022 including marketing, giveaways and introduction to the public.

Level 02

Official Launch

Official NFT Launch to the public for 195 $BONE or 19,5000 SHIB. Once all 3333 are purchased it will trigger the 38 random holders selection as follows.

1= $25,000 1 = $3500 SHIB 1 = $2500 BONE 1 = $1500 LEASH 10 = $500 In SHIB 20 = $150 In BONE 1 = $250 in NFAi 1 = $250 in Sharbi 1 = $250 in SWYPE

We want to share some of our profits with the community that supported us by offering tokens to our supporters. So this is the fair way to do it. Thank you Shib Army!

Level 03

Investment Into Properties

A percentage of profits from the collection and eventual token launch will be going to charity/Shibarium projects with proof shown on all websites. Divided as Following: $10,000 to St. Judes Children’s Hospital (Track Here), $10,000 to World Central Kitchen (Track Here) $5000 to Lads Shiba Sequoia Forest,$2500.00 to Shib Recap. $1250 Shib Women 1 Billion Shiba Inu Tokens will be burned.

50% of Proceeds of the initial sale will be used to complete Shib Dream Projects including the Social Network and to purchase the Shib Lands we will be building on.

Level 04

- Rev Share

UTILITY: 5 Randomly selected holders Share 15% in rewards of Websites News Site + Social Network and all other Upcoming Shib Dream Properties For Life including Shib Dream Metaverse Projects.

(Reward Sharing Starts Q3 2024)

Shib Dream Collection

NFTs with a Unique Style, Utility, and Random Giveaways.

Shib Dream City - The Future

Shib Dream City represents a groundbreaking vision in the realm of Shib Dream Properties, poised to redefine the metaverse experience. This city will be crafted with cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5, stand as a beacon of innovation in the digital realm. While much of its intricacies remain shrouded in secrecy, tantalizing glimpses have surfaced.

Envision a vibrant urban landscape where virtual condos offer personal spaces for residents. Even more exciting is the unique privilege for holders of the Shib Dream NFT featuring the ‘Leash Trait’ – ownership of one of these exclusive condos. Each NFT trait is a key, unlocking a myriad of possibilities and experiences within Shib Dream City, hinting at untold adventures and opportunities.

A highlight of this digital metropolis is the collaboration with Sharbi, culminating in the establishment of Shibarium University. This educational hub promises to be a cornerstone of learning and innovation within the city.

Shib Dream City is more than a project; it’s a long-term vision that seamlessly bridges the real-world business landscape with the boundless possibilities of the digital universe. It’s an ambitious journey, and we’re just at the beginning

ShibDream NFT's

Brought To You By and ShibArmy.VIP

We wanted to have a real hand-drawn NFT Collection that has real-world utility. Something that showcased our journey together as a united Shib family.

Some of What Our Holders Have Received So Far

37.778 $BONE Token

6.1 Billion Sharbi Tokens

2.5 $LEASH

228 Dream NFTs

370 SHibarium NFTs

3 Shibacals Toys

The Shib Dream Token (Name Not Yet Announced)

Exciting news for our NFT holders! For every set of 3 NFTs you own, you’ll not only receive an exclusive physical token from ShibCals Toys, but also a special airdrop of our upcoming token, set to launch soon after Q1 of 2024. It’s a double reward! Here’s how it works:

  • Own 3 NFTs and you’ll receive 1 ShibCals Coin plus a token airdrop.
  • For 6 NFTs, the reward doubles: you’ll get 2 ShibCals Coins and twice the airdrop amount.

This rewarding system operates in multiples of 3, making it a fantastic opportunity for collectors.

But there’s more: the new token will play a pivotal role as the future reward token for staking. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re in the process of setting up staking in collaboration with our partner Sharbi on MarSwap. Stay tuned for more updates on this, as we’re eager to bring you the best in rewards and functionality.

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