Mint, Hold, Earn

UTILITY: Holders Share 15% in rewards of Websites News Site + Social Network and all other Upcoming Shib Dream Properties For Life.

(Reward Share Starts Q3 2023)


Limited Supply


Reward Share ALL Shib Dream Properties
33 GET
1 = $3500 SHIB
1 = $2500 BONE
1 = $1500 LEASH
10 = $500 SHIB
20 = $150 BONE


What is Shib Dream?

SHIB DREAM is a collection of Shib Army properties that are run for and by the community. The most notable are the News Website and the ShibArmy.VIP Social Network.

Earn Passive Rewards

Randomly Selected Giveaways

Amazing Drawn Artwork


The Official Roadmap For The The Shib Dream NFT Collection.

Level 01

- ShibDream NFT Promotion

Promotions will start in November 2022 including marketing, giveaways and introduction to the public.

Level 02

Official Launch

Official NFT Launch to public for .09 Eth. Once all 3333 are purchased it will trigger the 33 random holders selection as follows.

1 = $3500 SHIB 1 = $2500 BONE 1 = $1500 LEASH 10 = $500 In SHIB 20 = $150 In BONE

We want to share some of our profits with the community that supported us by offering tokens to our supporters. So this is the fair way to do it. Thank you Shib Army!

Level 03

Investment Into Properties

10% of NFT sales  profits will distributed to Charity with proof shown on all websites. 50% of Proceeds of initial sale will be used to complete Shib Dream Projects including the Social Network.

Level 04

- Rev Share

Starting Q3 of 2023 15% Token Rewards will begin for Holders in the form of SHIB. Prior to this time there may be random giveaways sent to holders as the websites progress forward. 

Shib Dream Collection

NFTs with a Unique Style, Utility, and Random Giveaways.

ShibDream NFT's

Brought To You By and ShibArmy.VIP

We wanted to have a real NFT Collection Drawn by Artists that have actual Utility Going Forward. Something That Showcased Our Journey Together as a United Shib Family.

Join Our Community

One of the most important projects that the Shib Dream Team is working on is its Shiba Army VIP Social Network. Soon all members of the Shib Army will be able to join for free and to have a home to call their own.